What is 'La Bio dans les Etoiles' ?


Bio dans les Etoiles is an event to promote organic and sustainable food, and food ecology in general. Organised in Annonay in the French department of Ardèche, the event aims at raising awareness about food among the general public and to develop new food practices. Our goal is to promote local food production that is healthy and environmentally friendly and accessible to everybody.

Since the first edition of the event, 12 years ago, we have been inspired and motivated by dozens of lecturers and specialists in the field of ecology: Pierre Rabhi, Vandana Shiva, Jean-Marie Pelt, Marc Veyrat, Jean-Louis Etienne, Rob Hopkins, Marie Monique Robin and many others. 

Since the event was created in 2008, Bio dans les Etoiles has attracted increasingly large audiences, in some cases reaching up to 3,000 participants.

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About the event

In 2019, Bio dans les Etoiles changed its approach to boost meetings and take action. Thematic workshops, experience-sharing, conferences, roundtables… the objective of our event is to provide practical tools to enable citizens to act, and elected representatives and professionals to make a difference in their regions. Food is life!

Food has a direct influence on the health of humans and the environment. It is also a rich source for other positive outcomes! Local economy, employment, rural vitality, social relations, landscapes, autonomy and food sovereignty for France and for the rest of the world. The food transition project can have far-reaching impact. This is what we hope to show with our vast programme offering lots of new features.

Join us for the next edition on Friday, 30th  April, 2021! 


We work with the Un Plus Bio association to introduce a panel of inspiring speakers and exciting projects led by citizens, elected representatives and professionals that optimise our regions. 

Financial partners

The urgency for action in our regions has inspired us to develop a more practical programme for Bio dans les Etoiles. We hope for local citizens, elected officials and professionals to join us in shared actions. Support our initiative and actively contribute to the green transition. Become a partner! Benefit from widespread visibility. Display your logo on posters, websites, programmes and other communication materials before, during and after the event. 

For more information, please contact:  segolene.ohl@ekibio.fr


A unique venue

The Bio dans les Etoiles takes place in Annonay, in the heart of North-Ardèche in France. A region rich in diverse and stunning landscapes and a wide range of activities.


As well as local philanthropy initiatives, donations and participation in 1% for the Planet, Ekibio also created its very own Foundation 12 years ago. The goal of the ‘Fondation Ekibio’ is to increase awareness for a healthier and more sustainable diet.