Douce Nature, driven by a passion for nature




Since it was created in 1985, Douce Nature, a brand of organic and eco-friendly personal care products, has been working hard to satisfy the needs of consumers looking for ethical products that respect the environment and well-being.

Douce Nature is an ethical brand that strives to use products of controlled origin, that are fair-trade and from developing countries wherever possible. The brand’s products are made using ingredients of 99% natural origin (for the Shower range), which respect the specifications for organic cosmetics, and packaging is eco-responsible and completely recyclable.


The brand ensures that almost all its products are made in France.

Douce Nature is also committed to providing support for producers by developing strong farming partnerships for products, to guarantee a long-term partnership with them. The brand has set itself the goal of developing as many solidarity-based, fair-trade partnerships as possible, prioritising developing countries.

Our key figures

1pourcent_for_the_planet_douce_nature 1%

The hygiene range from Douce Nature is a member of ‘1% for the Planet’.

emballage_origine_vegetale 100%

The packaging for Douce Nature shower gels and shampoo is made from sugarcane and so is 100% plant based.

sans_huile_de_palme 0%

All our shampoos and shower gels are made without using palm oil and are free from sulphates.

Unique products

Douce Nature has a wide range of organic products for hygiene and personal care, with 9 product families and around 100 product references, from shampoos to toothpastes, cotton buds, deodorant, Marseille soap and so much more.


Douce Nature is committed to limiting packaging to the strict minimum. Our ‘Fleur de Shampooing’ is proof of that. Douce Nature was the very first brand to sell this organic shampoo in a solid bar form in France. 

From the very beginning, this leading, committed brand has been developing family-size 1-litre bottles and all at very affordable prices and without a pump. The brand provides packaging that is both eco-friendly and practical, in producing 1-litre bottles that do not come with a pump, but which can be bought separately as an accessory. Consumers can save money (a pump costs 4 times more than a cap so it doesn’t have to be bought each time, the consumer can re-use it with 1-litre bottles) and contribute to protecting the environment (pumps are made from around 15 different materials and so are not easily recyclable, hence the decision to buy it only once).

Douce Nature has also thought of the little ones with the Douce Nature baby range adapted to sensitive skin, that contains no artificial colourants, fragrances or sulphates. Douce Nature cotton is also one of the brand’s leading products, as well as the dental care range which is entirely made in France, and includes a majority of vegan products.

Douce Nature is a leading, committed and revolutionary brand, and operates with complete transparency in mind! The new labels are proof of this as they include all the product ingredients and each one is explained in detail.

Where can you buy Douce Nature products? In all specialised organic shops in France, in some European countries, eastern countries and even in Russia. 


My favourite Douce Nature product  

Aurèle, Category Manager

My favourite Douce Nature product is the ‘Shampooing Douche Evasion’ with Mediterranean almond milk because the scent takes me back to my childhood and reminds me how much I love this versatile nut. Plus, it’s 2 products in 1 (shampoo and shower gel)! I add a little pump to it to make sure I use just the right amount, so that the bottle lasts for longer. I love it!

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