Organic & Plant-based

Since the very beginning, Ekibio has been working to showcase an organic and plant-based diet, across all its brands. The company’s keywords are innovation, diversity and nutritional expertise.


French manufacturer

Ekibio has always wanted to have complete control over the manufacturing process of its products. As well as the sites in Peaugres and Chasse-sur-Rhône, other production units have now been added to this transformation expertise. One of Ekibio’s goals is to invest in production units in France, to be able to guarantee traceability, create jobs in the different regions and protect local expertise. 


Fair-trade partnerships

A strong farming partnership is above-all about real and sustainable human connections. Its strength? They are made up of interconnected links, and these links bring together complementary skills and knowledge. Since the very beginning, Ekibio has been working with organic producers in France and abroad as part of fair-trade partnerships, therefore providing a guarantee of a long-term partnership for farmers. 



Our Innovation & Development team keeps a close eye on the market and on consumers, working hard every day to help the Organic sector go further, while respecting the original values of the company. They come up with innovative products that taste great and have high nutritional value, and all products are made in our very own production units wherever possible.


CSR policy

Since day one, Ekibio has been committed to a responsible and sustainable approach in the way the company operates. From optimised management of energy consumption, to making people a priority in the performance of the company, the organisation of Ekibio’s activities is guided by strong values and ongoing improvement.


Philanthropy and 1% for the Planet

Since day one, Ekibio has been providing financial support for a number of local associations, social or environmental initiatives, and events. The brands Bisson (for some product ranges), Ecodoo and Douce Nature are also members of the ‘1% for the Planet’ initiative, providing support for associations working to protect the environment.