Ecodoo, your home’s best friend




Ecodoo has been offering ecological cleaning products to take care of all everyday household tasks, since 1985.
Ecodoo is a historic brand on the market and today offers a full range of ecological household products, most of them made in France. 


The brand strives to offer ecological washing and cleaning products that are both effective and safe for the environment.

What makes Ecodoo an ecological brand? The use of plant-based active ingredients and natural ingredients with little or no artificial colourings. Packaging is recyclable, reduced to a minimum and the products are made in an eco-friendly way. It is also a money-saving brand since the products are highly concentrated and can be used for various different uses.

Our key figures

liquides_vaisselle_ecologiques 100%

The washing-up liquid product range is made according to the highest level of the ‘eco-detergent’ certification, using organic ingredients, 100% natural origin.

ecodoo_1_pourcent_for_the_planet 1%

Ecodoo is a member of ‘1% for the Planet’. The brand gives 1% of its turnover to this group of associations, companies and philanthropists who help protect the environment.

flacon_liquide_vaisselle_pet 100%

The washing-up liquid bottles are made with 100% recycled PET. 

Unique products

Ecodoo brand gathers 4 ecological product families, to take care of all household tasks: detergents, washing agents, essentials (to make your own ecological cleaning products such as vinegars or Marseille soap) and ecological household products (recycled toilet paper, kitchen roll, toilet gel, plant-based sponges and various accessories).

Our goal is to offer an alternative to standard detergents with our ecological household products.


Ecodoo is committed to designing packaging that has the lowest possible impact on the environment. An example of this is our range of 100% natural washing-up liquid and fully recyclable bottles, our ultra-concentrated vinegars with high acidity or our Ecodoo kitchen roll and toilet paper that are made from recycled paper and are ultra compact.

Do you like to keep things simple and make your own products? The ‘essentials’ range is for you, with a wide range of basic products that can be used for various tasks: vinegars, black or Marseille soap, sodium bicarbonate, Sommières clay, claystone and so on. Everything you need to clean, remove grease, remove stains or whiten with your very own homemade household products!

All our household ecological products have been made to be as eco-friendly as possible and to respect our consumers’ health


Where can you buy Ecodoo products? In all specialised organic stores across France and in most European countries.


My favourite Ecodoo product 

Nadine, Head of Human Resources Management

“For me, the best product of the range is undoubtedly ‘Eté en Provence’. I have been using it to disinfect my house for 20 years and this product always delivers results!”

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