Pleniday, a healthy boost!


Pleniday was created in 1995 and joined the 4 other Ekibio food brands in March 2020.
Pleniday is a leading brand in dietary and organic health products with various product ranges that satisfy an increasingly demanding customer base and the desire for a diet that is low in sugar, salt or gluten.

Pleniday is the only organic food brand to offer a comprehensive range of salt-free products. It is also the only brand to offer organic products with a low sugar content.


Since it was created, Pleniday has developed full product ranges and a wide range of products, making them a strong market leader. The brand’s philosophy has driven them in the search for the best possible compromise, to be able to satisfy the dietary needs of everyone, while offering consumers the pleasure of different flavours. Pleniday is all about a healthy, positive and stress-free diet.

Pleniday’s motto: Do the best you can, and get a healthy boost, day after day!

Just like the other Ekibio’s brands, Pleniday offers organic products that are mostly made in France. 

Our key figures

expertise_pleniday 25

The number of years of experience for Pleniday in the health and dietary sector.

organic_without_added_salt_product 1

Pleniday is the first and the only brand to offer products that are both organic and without added salt.

no_sugar 80%

The percentage of organic consumers who take into account the sugar content in the products they buy.

Healthy and tasty products

The organic brand Pleniday has around 30 product references, across 4 ranges: ‘low in salt’, ‘low in sugar’, ‘reduced sugar’ and ‘gluten-free’ products. 


Did you know that 90% of French people who buy organic products claim to consider the sugar content for the products they buy*?

Pleniday offers a range of products with a sugar content that ranges from ‘no added sugar’ to ‘lower sugar content’. These healthy and tasty product ranges are also free from artificial sweeteners, for the best taste guaranteed, guilt-free.


For Pleniday, customers’ health is a top priority, and so the brand’s products are tasty but without added salt, with top-quality and delicious ingredients: condiments, soups, canned fish, sauces and crunchy, tasty crisps without salt, perfect for a delicious snack!

Where can you find our organic brand Pleniday? In every organic store in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and from specialised websites for low salt, low sugar and gluten-free products.


My favourite Pleniday product 

Sandrine, Customer Services Representative at Ekibio’s store

“What’s my favourite Pleniday product? The crisps without salt. When you take away the salt, you can really taste the potato. I’m trying to lower my salt consumption for me and my children, so this product is ideal!” 

*source : Biotopia study nov 2020 : 804 answers

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