Bisson, Pass on the taste of the good things in life




Since 1902, Bisson has been producing great tasting organic biscuits that are both delicious and eco-friendly, thanks to the brand’s expert know-how. The brand has evolved from a simple shortbread biscuit, to a product range that is more and more innovative and inventive every day. Delicious biscuits that are in line with current trends and will please everyone!


To add to their traditional know-how in biscuit-making, Bisson is also committed to producing biscuits using fair-trade ingredients such as brown cane sugar and cocoa. We are also proud of our close relationships with our farmers and millers. To make sure our values are respected, we decided to invest in a branch for organic soft wheat

Bisson is a leading brand for organic biscuits, thanks to the Choco Bisson ranges, ‘coeurs gourmands’, gingerbread, chocolate covered biscuits and honey, and is now a member of the international ‘1% for the Planet scheme, demonstrating its commitment to help associations working to protect the environment.


All these commitments make Bisson an organic food brand, promoting the great taste of real food. Each Bisson organic biscuit has been made with great care and attention, from the Chocolate Choco Bisson, to the Raspberry ‘Mini Lunettes’. Most of our product references are produced in our organic, French factory ‘Jean & Lisette’, in Charente Maritime. 

Our key figures

sans_huile_de_palme 0

Objective zero palm oil in our recipes! 

bisson_1_pourcent_for_the_planet 1%

‘Choco Bisson’ are now part of the ‘1% for the Planet’ scheme. 

ingredients_equitables 73%

73% of Bisson biscuits contain at least one fair-trade ingredient.

Unique products

Bisson carries on the traditional unique taste of delicious organic biscuits, while ensuring the ingredients offer the very best in nutritional quality and controlled origin.  
There are 73 naturally delicious biscuits in the brand’s product range, for food lovers of all ages!


Hiding behind each Bisson organic biscuit is expert know-how and the desire to pass on these recipes to future generations. From the grandparents to the grandchildren, there’s a Bisson biscuit for every family member! Give in to the temptation of our milk chocolate and hazelnut ‘tartelettes’, free from palm oil and made in our French factory. 

Where can you buy our delicious Bisson biscuits? In all organic stores across France, and abroad, in Belgium, Germany, Spain and Italy.


My favourite Bisson product 

Flavio, IT Manager

“A year ago, I discovered the chocolate & hazelnut ‘Crousty Roll’ from Bisson. Straight away, it became my favourite biscuit, to satisfy my urge for something sweet! My 4-year-old daughter loves them too and often takes them to school with her for her afternoon snack."

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