1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is an international group of companies, associations and individuals who are working to protect the environment, for a healthier planet. The companies who choose to take part in this scheme give 1% of their turnover to the member associations.

Today, 3 of Ekibio’s brands are members of this scheme: Ecodoo, Douce Nature and Bisson (for the ‘Choco Bisson’, ‘Vite un dessert’, ‘Cœurs gourmands’, gingerbread and honey product ranges).


Since 2016, Ecodoo has been committed to protecting water resources and aquatic environments. The main partner association is Mountain Wilderness. “Mountain Wilderness is available to all those who love the mountains, and they work to preserve mountain areas and respect mankind and nature." Ecodoo has also set up partnerships with regional associations.  


Through its partnerships, Douce Nature strives to improve living conditions and help stimulate the economy in poor areas. The first initiative they carried out was with the Kynarou association, that works with a women’s cooperative in Burkina Faso making shea butter. The aim of the project was to provide access to water and sanitary facilities at their place of work, and develop their skills in organic farming.  


Since January 2021, Bisson has been providing support for the ‘Générations Futures’ association, with its member product ranges. ‘Générations Futures’ campaigns against various types of environmental pollution (pesticides, heavy metals, endocrine disrupters) and for alternative solutions to pesticides.

Our key figures

1_pourcent_for_the_planet 244 406

This is the amount in euros that Ekibio donated to the 1% for the Planet scheme, over a period of 5 years. 

associations_1_pourcent_for_the_planet 13

Ekibio supports 13 associations thanks to the brands that are members of 1% for the Planet.


This is the number of donations made by Ekibio in 2019.

Local philanthropy

Ekibio strives to support local development initiatives in its local area by providing support for the introduction of eco-responsible schemes. Ekibio primarily supports the ‘Ardèchoise’ cycling race, the ‘Vivre aux Eclats’ association (clowns who visit Annonay hospital) and the ‘Trail Runner Foundation’ (funding a reusable marking kit available for loan free-of-charge, to replace the plastic tape used). Ekibio also provides occasional support for other projects.

Finally, Ekibio donates a great number of products to local associations or events, for the ‘Secours Populaire’ and the ‘Restos du Coeur’ charities. These donations can be collected from the headquarters in Peaugres.  

Discover our Foundation

As well as local philanthropy initiatives, donations and participation in 1% for the Planet, Ekibio also created its very own Foundation 12 years ago. The goal of the ‘Fondation Ekibio’ is to increase awareness for a healthier and more sustainable diet, and every year they organise a big event, ‘La Bio dans les Etoiles’ (Organic Food in the Stars).