Le Pain des Fleurs, crispy by nature



‘Le Pain des Fleurs’ was created in 2000 and is the historic brand for organic and gluten-free crispbreads. ‘Le Pain des Fleurs’ crispbread is a unique phenomenon and has become a market leader, on the shelves of every specialised organic store in a few years. Why is it so successful? Its natural crispy texture. 

The simple, no-frills recipes of our crispbreads make them nutritionally balanced, light and very easy to digest.
20 years after its creation, ‘Le Pain des Fleurs’ remains true to its original idea: to take the best that nature has to offer, while respecting the environment, and to provide the basis for a healthier diet, for a balanced life.


Our key figures

organic_product 0%

The amount of added fat in our crispbreads.

organic_ingredients 1

The total number of ingredients in our Buckwheat Crispbread with ‘no added salt or sugar’. 

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The number of countries where you can buy our organic crispbreads.

Unique and naturally crunchy products


At the heart of the brand’s specialist know-how are the thin and crunchy crispbreads, to be enjoyed at any time of the day. 'Le Pain des Fleurs’ has a specific breakfast range: ‘Spécial Matin’, with thicker and very crunchy crispbreads, in a range of flavours and without added sugar. A recent addition to the range is the ‘Aperitif’ crispbreads, and a range of crisps made from legumes with Nutri-scores A & B. 


In addition to its unique expertise, we have chosen to offer organic crispbreads that are gluten-free, allergen-free, lactose-free and egg-free. All our products are made locally in our factories in the Haute-Loire region. We carefully select the different varieties with our partner producers, and we work with sustainable supply chains for several ingredients, including buckwheat, rice or legumes of French origin.

For breakfast, go for our chestnut-flavoured ‘Spécial Matin’ crispbreads. At lunchtime, opt for the Buckwheat variety. For a tasty afternoon snack, try the Chocolate Crispbreads, and then have an early evening ‘aperitif’ with our Tomato and Paprika, Onion or Coconut and Curry Crispbreads. 


'Le Pain des Fleurs' is highly successful beyond the borders of France. It was initially sold in countries that share a border with France but Le Pain des Fleurs is now found in most European countries. To make the products attractive to international consumers, the packaging and product ranges were adapted, and local experts in the organic food industry were entrusted with the distribution of these products.

In the United States for example, Le Pain des Fleurs has been available for almost 10 years and the products are distributed by our own subsidiary Léa Ekibio Inc., based in Florida. Le Pain des Fleurs is also a key brand for our Belgian and Spanish subsidiaries, who showcase the brand’s values and nutritional benefits.

Where can you buy the delicious Le Pain des Fleurs organic crispbreads? In every organic store in France, and in more than 40 countries across all continents. 


My favourite Le Pain des Fleurs product 

Claire, Marketing Project Manager

“I’ve always got a packet of Le Pain des Fleurs Lentils Crisps in my cupboard just in case I have some unexpected guests... they are always a big success!” 

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