Well-being as a priority


Since the very beginning, Ekibio has focused in particular on the health and well-being of its employees. The company calls upon external professionals to provide added services for employees. Each employee can: 

Discover the benefits of sophrology with weekly sessions, as a group or one-on-one, with Zeria Teil, our sophrologist.


Get some professional advice from physiotherapist Christophe Geoffroy (sports physiotherapist for the French national football team) about how to set up their workstation or about the right daily routine to stay in good health. 

Train with our sports coach Jawad at a weekly intensive cardio and muscle building session.

Everything you need to feel good, for the body and mind!

The working environment is also important to make sure you feel as good as possible. In Peaugres, employees can benefit from the green surroundings, in the Ardèche countryside, just 1 hour from Lyon and Saint-Etienne, and 45min from Valence, with gardens both indoors and outdoors. Our premises have been designed in accordance with the basics of Feng Shui and therefore take into account the flow of energy, and have been approved by a specialist.
Our goal is that our employees feel as good as they can at work, every day.

Lots of extra services available


We believe that a good diet is the basis of a healthy lifestyle, that is why Ekibio has a staff restaurant where Ludo, our chef, cooks 100% organic meals, including a vegetarian menu twice a week, to show our employees how diverse a plant-based diet can be. 

Our staff restaurant was even awarded the first prize for excellence in an organic canteen in 2019, an award that is given to the top 9 organic canteens in France, out of 2,000 nominees! 

We also provide tea, coffee, herbal tea and seasonal fruit for our employees... 100% organic obviously. 


Another perk for our employees is our company organic store and the attractive promotions they can benefit from, just opposite the offices and also open to everybody. 

To add to the products on offer in the store, a local farmer’s market is held every Thursday, offering all the organic, local and seasonal products you could dream of, just next to the office. 

Finally, Virginie and Elisa welcome employees and the general public to our beauty salon, also 100% organic. You’ve understood it by now, our offices are not just a place to work, but also a place where, as well as their daily tasks at work, everyone also has the opportunity to take care of themselves and of the planet. 

A solidarity-based company for 30 years now.


All of these services contribute to making Ekibio a committed and supportive company, whose values take top priority. For over 30 years now, our vision has driven us to build a strong and solidarity-based company. Now a leader in several markets, we continue to push for healthy growth, where the Planet and its People are the focus, not profit.

Since 2008, Ekibio has been providing financial support for a foundation to raise awareness of dietary choices that respect the environment, health, biodiversity and solidarity between producers and consumers. Our employees can choose to get involved in this scheme if they so wish, participate in the activities, they can be member of the Board for the foundation or contribute to organising events. 


Our employees are also encouraged to share their own ideas or their personal hobbies or activities they do outside of work : jewellery sale, clothes exchanges, etc. We strive to showcase the talent and personality of our employees.

Get to know each other better, encourage an entreprenurial spirit and personal initiatives, to make sure our employees are not just defined by their job here... All of this and more in Ekibio’s CSR commitments


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