Product manufacture

Watch the videos to find out more about our manufacturing workshops. Click on one of the establishments to reveal our expertise in pasta and biscuit making, respecting artisanal traditions.



The first soup production unit to use Tetra Pack® technology, that preserves the organoleptic qualities of vegetables, with fully-recyclable packaging. SOUP‘IDÉALE will soon be offering some brand-new ORGANIC recipes that are both healthy and innovative.

Production unit in Deux-Sèvres

Production unit in Deux-Sèvres

The ALISA site in Champdeniers-Saint-Denis has been operating since 2008 and employs around 25 people. This site deals with the production of food ingredients and culinary preparations (soups, cake mix, etc.) that are free from allergens, especially for the brand Ma Vie Sans Gluten.

Production unit in Charente-Maritime

Production unit in Charente-Maritime

This production unit is in Périgny and is a very modern one that opened in 2019. This is where the majority of our Douce Nature product range of organic personal care and hygiene products are made. Around 50 people work on this site.

Jean et Lisette

The organic biscuit factory, Jean et Lisette, joined the Léa Compagnie Biodiversité group around 3 years ago. This factory is in Saint-Jean-d’Angély and is where most of our delicious Bisson biscuits are made. There are around 30 people working there and they have great potential for development.

Production unit in Isère

This production unit in Chasse-sur-Rhône in Isère joined Ekibio in 2007. There are around 30 people working on the site and their expertise is focused on mixing and packaging complex ingredients such as powders or seeds, for food preparations (couscous, tabbouleh, cakes, etc.), especially for the brand Priméal.

Production unit in Haute-Loire

The Alpha Nutrition sites 1 and 2 in Séauve-sur-Semène (Haute-Loire), joined the ‘Cereals and Meals Division’ in 2019 More than 70 employees work in extruding gluten-free cereals and crispbreads for the brands ‘Le Pain des Fleurs’, and Priméal.

Production unit in Ardèche - Packaging

Production unit in Ardèche - Packaging

The headquarters of Ekibio is in Peaugres in Ardèche. This is also the historic site for Ekibio with three production units, including the grains and seeds packaging unit that has been operating since 1988.

Production unit in Ardèche - Dried pasta

This production unit for dried pasta in Peaugres began operating in 2003.

Production unit in Ardèche - Wonder Grains

Our precooking and grinding unit for legumes and other cereals is in Peaugres, and is the third and final production site at this headquarters location, added in 2020. Around 40 people work across these 3 units.


The production units of Damazan and Bazens are in the Lot-et-Garonne and they were added to our SME village around 10 years ago. They are both dedicated to canned fruit and vegetables, and the production of sauces and ready meals, including gluten-free meals in individual packaging. Around 40 people work at the Bazens site and around 20 on the Damazan site.

Production unit in the Drôme region

Production unit in the Drôme region

This unit in Montguers, in the Drôme collects and prepares Haute-Provence spelt. This production unit gathers around 30 producers and a miller who wanted to keep the traditional expertise going, at the heart of the production territory for spelt. It was created 4 years ago.

Production unit in Bouches-du-Rhône

Ekibio joined forces with the company Bio Camargue, a historic organic rice operator in Arles (Camargue). The company transforms and packs rice. Around 25 people are employed and the unit joined the group in 2010.

French manufacturer

Live from the production units

Ekibio and its production units are committed to developing organic, natural and top-quality products, to guaranteeing traceability, and compliance with regulations and customer expectations.
New products are launched every year to keep up to date with consumer needs. 

Ekibio works with a variety of grains and seeds, wheat and derivative products, rice in different forms, legumes and nuts.

 One of the major assets of the Chasse-sur-Rhône site is the collaborative work with the Innovation department. “We work alongside the Innovation department who comes and tests the recipes in our kitchen that also acts as a laboratory, they also test the various forms of packaging” (Bruno Dechasse, Head of the Production Site). 

In this factory, various products and raw materials of French origin are assembled, there’s a real mix of flavours “the added value is in how the product is transformed. Here, we mix, prepare and pack the cereals. We are also constantly looking to optimise our processes and improve performance” (B.D.).

Since 2003, Alpha Nutrition has been developing unique expertise in extruding cereals. “100% of the products we manufacture in our factories are of top quality”.

The site is actually going to be expanded, “we are going to develop a new ‘aperitif’ line in 2021 at the Alpha 2 site” (Philippe Clémencelle, Industrial Manager of the Alpha Nutrition sites).

Ekibio’s expertise as a French manufacturer is also concerned with the choice of raw materials and partnership products. “We try to work with raw materials of French origin wherever possible, and we develop farming partnerships so that our supply chain is as close as possible to our production sites. Our manufacturing process is designed to respect our raw materials and the partnership products, for example, low temperatures when drying pasta to preserve the nutritional value of our products.” (Damien Buffat, Peaugres production unit manager).

Our key figures

1000_tonnes_produits 1,000

More than 1,000 tonnes of mixed products in 1 year at the Chasse-sur-Rhône site.

tartines_le_pain_des_fleurs 3,500

3,500 tonnes of ‘Le Pain des Fleurs’ crispbreads were produced over one year at Alpha Nutrition (in 2020).

pates_bio 2,300

2,300 tonnes of pasta were produced in 2020 at the Peaugres production unit.

Quality is paramount

For over 30 years now, Ekibio has been manufacturing, mixing and packing all its products at its production sites, all made with great care and attention and subject to demanding quality inspections. This guarantees the very best in quality and traceability.


Ekibio’s quality department carries out extensive checks at our sites, where production lines and raw materials are inspected, suppliers are audited, product conformity is controlled, as well as the colours, smell and allergen content of products, and a great number of certifications are respected. This work is done in collaboration with the Innovation & Development and Purchasing departments.

“There are a great number of certifications in the organic sector, to guarantee top quality. Thanks to the work we do with our farming partnerships, we can manage our supply chains much better, we know our suppliers better, we produce better quality products and therefore we can manage the entire supply chain. This is a real added value for us.“ (Pierre Marsal, Quality Manager).


Have you heard of our fair-trade partnerships?

Since the very beginning, Ekibio has been working with producers in France and abroad as part of organic fair-trade farming partnerships, thereby providing a guarantee of a long-term partnership for farmers.