Enjoying Nature's goodness

For more than 30 years now, we have been committed to providing healthy food products that are plant-based, organic, varied, full of flavour, and from a respected land. Our goal is to showcase the sheer diversity of organic/plant-based foods, from field to fork.


Well-being and nutrition

For 20 years now, Le Pain des Fleurs has been providing organic crispbread, with a wide range of flavours. Simple and light variations, the basis of a healthy, balanced diet.

Le pain des Fleurs

Well-being and nutrition

Pleniday is an organic food brand that has been committed to providing healthy products that are low in salt, low in sugar or gluten-free for over 20 years now. It offers the perfect blend of both healthy and delicious products!


Well-being and nutrition

Ma Vie sans gluten offers a wide range of products, that are both practical and tasty, suitable for every meal of the day.

Ma vie sans gluten

Unique tasting experience & tradition

Depuis plus de 100 ans, Bisson perpétue le goût unique du bon biscuit bio en veillant aux qualités nutritionnelles de ses ingrédients et à leurs bienfaits sur le corps.


Home & Cleaning

Ecodoo is an eco-products brand made in France, providing all the products you need for cleaning the house, from floor to ceiling, in a completely eco-friendly way!


Hygiene and personal care

Now more than ever, we are looking for ethical products that respect the environment, and the men and women who use them. Douce Nature is an organic, ethical and revolutionary brand producing hygiene and personal care products that respect the environment and the brand’s values since 1985.

Douce nature