Since the very beginning, over 30 years ago, Ekibio has been working on the development of an organic and plant-based diet that respects people and the planet. With its 220 employees, the group aims to unite the organic sector and make products accessible, for a healthier, more eco-friendly and more sustainable world. 

Since day one, our pioneering spirit has driven us to invent, experiment and create products for a more responsible world that is bursting with flavour. Centred around strong brands such as Priméal and Le Pain des Fleurs, we are developing a sizeable portfolio of organic and vegetarian products, that are all original and unique.

We go the extra mile, guaranteeing a 100% organic environment, thanks to the quality of our products, the choice of our raw materials, our efforts in terms of energy consumption, our carbon footprint and our CSR policy.

Through our commitment to organic production, we strive to protect the earth’s biodiversity and we aim to encourage consumers to be more responsible.


Ekibio is all about an organic, healthy, sustainable and local diet. We would like to promote the idea that, united, we can preserve the future for generations to come through a collective, citizen-based effort in which the organic sector is the key to a better world.


Our commitment begins in the fields, by using fair-trade and solidarity-based partnerships and long-term partnerships with our producers.

Whether you are already a consumer of organic products or you are looking for a change in lifestyle, we would like to provide you with the solution. That’s why our product ranges cover everything from natural products to ready-to-eat delicious mixes.

Dietary transition and sustainable development are the solutions to protect everyone’s health. That is why our teams are working on developing more eco-friendly packaging, to reduce plastic, and on developing products that are low in sugar, salt and made from the most natural ingredients possible. Every year, dozens of product innovations are created, in an effort to show that healthy cuisine can also be tasty and creative.

Together, we would like to work to develop a world where everyone plays their part and finds their place, in harmony with the other people involved in the organic sector.  



“For 33 years now, Ekibio has been working to develop and increase awareness for the organic sector. The company has successfully offered and showcased a diverse range of plant-based product and brands, which all respect the environment and the farmers. 
In respecting the company’s environmental values and ecological commitment, Ekibio has evolved in sync with the specialised organic store sector.  Our key strength is that we have managed to stay ahead in terms of innovation and we have been able to anticipate market trends such as lower sugar content, the development of the ‘buy per kilo’ offer and the semi-vegetarian diet. 
Today, Ekibio aims to continue growing and provide support to all its partners, to take action regarding the transformation of farming land, and to develop internationally, taking its activities beyond the borders of France. 
Ekibio is agile and forward-thinking in its research for biodiversity, and the company’s ultimate goal is to continue providing great tasting products, while respecting nature, the planet and the health of its consumers.”

Thierry Chiesa


Ekibio is above all a story of people and passion. Ekibio was set up by Didier Perréol. As a proud visionary and a prominent name in the French organic sector, he was able to drive the company to its position as one of the leaders in organic products.