Ekibio, a pioneering spirit

For over 30 years now, Ekibio has been focusing its efforts on plant-based foods. Organic, healthy and sustainable food products that benefit people and the planet to feed tomorrow’s world.


Why eat organic? How can cereals and legumes be incorporated into my diet? How can I make sure I have enough protein in my plant-based diet, to provide me with all the nutrients I need? How can I choose a diet that is respectful of the planet?

From the very beginning, Ekibio wanted to find solutions to these questions with innovative products. Our goal is to help our consumers vary their diet, in a simple and tasty way.

Every Ekibio brand is committed to offering products that promote an organic, nutritional diet that is responsible and sustainable.

Production methods are also sustainable thanks to controlled supply chains and Ekibio’s expertise as a French cereal producer.

Our key figures

alimentation_bio 30

For over 30 years now, Ekibio has been committed to an organic, healthy and plant-based diet through its brands.

organic_product 7

This is the number of organic and committed brands distributed exclusively in organic stores.


For a 100% organic and plant-based diet

Innovative, healthy and tasty products

Ekibio works alongside the thousands of consumers looking for a more ecological and healthier world, by offering a wide range of organic products.


“Our goal is to increase awareness of the sheer diversity of cereals and legumes on offer, and encourage a diet that is increasingly plant-based” (Marylise Roche, marketing director).

Priméal is a leading brand in imported quinoa in France and Europe, offering various product ranges for organic plant-based cuisine that is creative, easy and full of nutrition and great flavours. Let’s take “Melanges Gourmands” as an example: these mixes are tasty and quick to prepare, allowing you to discover cereals that you may never have included in your recipes before (buckwheat, barley, spelt). The various products in the hemp seed range are another example. Le Pain des Fleurs offers legumes in the form of crispbread or even crisps. Finally, Bisson carries on the real taste of its organic biscuits by selecting noble cereals and ingredients (such as spelt flour instead of wheat flour).Ekibio’s goal is to provide access to a more plant-based diet and to spread the word and prove the stereotypes are wrong.

Our products are perfectly in line with current consumer trends and fully meet our customers' expectations. We are targeting beginners to cooking as well as expert chefs, vegetarians as well as people who adopt a flexitarian diet (people who alternate vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes)... We would like to make a plant-based diet more accessible through our brands” (M.R.).

Find out more about Ekibio’s Innovation

Our Innovation & Development team keeps a close eye on the market and on consumers, working hard every day to help the Organic sector progress, while respecting the original values of the company.